segunda-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2011

The way to live !

I mean I know that everyone's future is different, even our friend's future, some of them get married, some of them marry with their job, some of them find happiness, and so on.. I wish there was a button with wich I could turn off what I feel for you.. because the way I see it girls think that either they marry the next good guy, or they break his heart.. 
but it doesnt have to be like that, there's a break between those two options, there's another option, the one where we both stay together.. and you dont marry me, and dont break my heart either.. just staying together every morning, having coffee, spending the days walking trough the park, and going out at night to a movie, and eating out, by the beach.. buying stuff at the supermarket and eating in the car.. that's the kind of life I wanna have, thats the kind of future that I want to have, but then comes the question, in a world this big.. where to start looking for the love of my life? and I answer "I already found mine..." and now the tough part, and I say "what the hell, I'm not gonna loose anything for saying it !" You have no idea of what this is making to my head, this feeling grows more painful everyday, every second, like i once heard "my heart breaks with every beat" and now I know what that means, I just cant explain what you have done to me, but I say that I miss you and I love you ! <3

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